ICE Agents Use Pepper Spray to Subdue Undocumented Immigrant

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ICE agents stormed a Brooklyn, N.Y., restaurant and released a cloud of caustic pepper spray to nab an undocumented immigrant worker, unsettling video of the bust shows, The New York Daily News reports. The agents barged into La Cabana, a Spanish eatery, on March 1 and nabbed Maria De Los Angel Sanz Pimentel, a Dominican immigrant without a work visa, according to ICE and officials.

On the video — posted on Twitter — ICE agents are seen surrounding Pimentel, who is on the ground coughing. The agents then eased the dazed woman back to her feet as a gaggle of onlookers is seen scrambling to record the mayhem. “They entered where she was, they threw her to the floor and two men were on top of her and they sprayed her with pepper spray,” alleged Pimentel’s sister, Jenny Sanz, who traveled from Florida to New York after she heard her sister had been detained. “The violence isn’t necessary. I don’t why they were using so much force.” The video was denounced by elected officials and advocacy groups.

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