Oakland Fires Chief Kirkpatrick After Three Years

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Oakland, Ca., Mayor Libby Schaaf fired police chief Anne Kirkpatrick without providing any concrete reason for the dismissal, reports KPIX-TV. Darren Allison, who was promoted to deputy chief almost three years ago, is acting chief. “We’ve moved on. We are looking for a new form of leadership and we wish Chief Kirkpatrick well,” said Oakland Police Commission Chair Regina Jackson. Jackson said that a loss of confidence in Kirkpatrick contributed to the decision to fire her after three years as chief.

Civil rights attorney Jim Chanin is involved in the monitoring of pending court-supervised reform of the police department. the reform. Chanin says the department was close to full compliance, but under Kirkpatrick’s leadership, a federal judge added five more tasks. “This problem with the backsliding on tasks was very bad and ultimately unacceptable not only to me, but more importantly to the police commission and the mayor,” said Chanin. After police shot a homeless man in 2018, the commission and a federal monitor wanted Kirkpatrick to fire the officers involved, but she refused. “She was sold to the City of Oakland and to its residents as a reformer. But when she came here, she actually turned in a conformer,” said civil rights attorney Adante Pointer. Some city leaders supported the chief. Under her leadership, crime dropped by double digits in 2018 compared to 2017. Crime went back up in 2019.

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