Arrests End NYC Nonprofit’s Helping Ex-Inmates

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A Brooklyn nonprofit no longer will counsel released New York City Rikers Island jail inmates after its founder was charged with threatening a neighbor, and a staffer was arrested for allegedly conspiring to smuggle drugs into a city jail, the Wall Street Journal reports. Gangstas Making Astronomical Community Changes (G-MACC) has had contracts with the city since 2014, running antigun programs in high-violence neighborhoods and providing social services for ex-inmates. City officials said they stopped using G-MACC to work with former inmates after the group’s founder, Shanduke McPhatter, was charged with misdemeanor menacing and harassment on Jan. 6. G-MACC will continue to run antigun programs for the city.

The Brooklyn district attorney’s office said McPhatter, a former gang member, allegedly threatened to use his connections to the Bloods street gang to kill a neighbor with whom he had a dispute. “I’m going to get my people, the Bloods, to come handle you. I’m going to have you killed,” McPhatter allegedly told his neighbor. On Jan. 14, G-MACC staffer Jonathan Medina was arrested for allegedly helping to run a drug-smuggling ring that bribed Rikers Island corrections officers, said the Brooklyn U.S. Attorney’s office. The city contracted to pay G-MACC $2.3 million in 2020.

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