Ex-FBI Chief Webster Assails Trump’s ‘Slur’ on Bureau

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The FBI’s integrity is “tragically, under assault from too many people whose job it should be to protect” it, writes former FBI and CIA director William Webster in the New York Times. Webster, a Republican, says he is “deeply disturbed” by President Donald Trump’s assertion that his appointee Christopher Wray cannot fix what the president calls a broken agency. Noting that FBI directors have 10-year terms, Webster assails Trump’s “thinly veiled suggestion” that Wray “could be on the chopping block, disturbs me greatly.”

Webster headed the FBI for nine years under Democratic and Republican presidents who “so respected the bureau’s independence that they went out of their way not to interfere with or sway our activities,” Webster says. “I never once felt political pressure.” Calling FBI professionals “scum,” as Trump did, “is a slur against people who risk their lives to keep us safe.” Attorney General William Barr’s charges of bias within the FBI, “made without providing any evidence and in direct dispute of the findings of the nonpartisan inspector general, risk inflicting enduring damage on this critically important institution.” Webster also takes Barr to task for claiming that the FBI investigation in the Russia probe “was based on ‘a completely bogus narrative.’ ” Webster says he has “complete confidence” in Wray and knows “that the FBI is not a broken institution.”

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27 thoughts on “Ex-FBI Chief Webster Assails Trump’s ‘Slur’ on Bureau

    • You are entirely correct. It is not wrong to be critical of an organization that has earned the criticism. A famous quote say; “Trust is given but distrust is earned” The FBI has earned the distrust based on the actions of the upper echelon, namely Comey and his group. It will take years to earn back the trust once it has been withdrawn. The American people distrust them and, as we will see in the future, the rest of the world will not longer treat the FBI as the premiere law enforcement organization it once was.

  1. Webster has that backwards. The agencies are supposed to be protecting us, not the other way around. In that duty, they have failed.

    • exactly… and when they screw up, WE need to hold them accountable… even Lisa Page, who should not have put in writing ANYTHING she wouldn’t want anyone other than the recipient , to read. We should sue her.

  2. The FBI deserves some slurs. There are people sitting in Federal prison right now for doing a lot less that what the members of Crossfire Hurricane did. There is no possible way this was not known at the highest levels of leadership.

  3. First, the president did not call the “FBI scum”. He was obviously referring to the group of conspirators that engaged in a attempted coup against the Trump campaign, the Trump transition team and the Trump administration, itself. Second, even the most biased interpretation of the IG report would reveal that the so called “errors” were completely in favor of undermining the president’s position or covering up the FBI corruption. Third, the so called Mueller investigation was actually a huge attempt to embarrass the president, not an investigation of “Russian influence” as it claims. All this after the lack of interest in Fast and Furious, IRS bias, Bengazi, DNC hacking and obvious crimes by the Hillary Clinton campaign. Nice try Bill.

    • BTW, as all liberal media made the same false claim that Trump trashed the WHOLE FBI, the same media have no problem calling ALL ICE AGENTS Nazis b\c they legally do their job effectively.

  4. Well, we the tax payers beg to differ Mr Webster. It is broken and corrupt. No candy coating their performance by you or any other previous Director is appreciated. You should be wanting to punish the old school in charge of the disgusting actions. The previous Directors felt very comfortable doing their dirty work. Maybe their previous Directors did not instill enough of a responsibility to “Just say no” to breaking ALL the rules the FBI is rightfully accused of…which are too many to list. Revolting Sir!!! Bottom line -clean house. File charges. No excuses.

  5. The deep state finds another actor to come on stage and attack President Trump for doing the right thing. FBI is knee-deep in the swamp and needs draining more than anything.

  6. There are some serious problems at the highest levels of the FBI and multiple Intelligence Agencies. Anyone who can’t see that is either blind or fooling themselves. And to then say that it wasn’t based on a political bias is seriously delusional.I liken it this way…- Horowitz was the report card- Durham is the paddle- Barr is the Principal. Some folks need to get themselves ready for some schooling.

  7. The behavior of Strozk/Page with the responsibilities they had, along with HRC’s email debacle, coupled with a lying Intel Committee chair, a corrupt and partisan CIA Officer/activist with a lawyer who on Trumps election victory tweeted, “The Coup Has Begun” I am amazed the President was so restrained in his language.

  8. Mr. Webster. What would you call the men who wield the power of the domestic intelligence agency against it’s own citizens, grossly violating their civil rights on multiple times in multiple ways for political purposes? I know them as the Gestapo, the Stasi, or the FSB. Scum, is being kind sir.My grandfather served as a guard at the Nuremberg trials, they’d roll marbles down the hall at night so Goering couldn’t sleep. Sure, not nice, but do you know whose side you sound like you’re on?

  9. What Mr. Wray needed to say is a strong statement that he will use all his power to work with the DOJ to refer the bad actors within his agency for prosecution. Mr. Wray gave a weak response to the Horowitz report and sounded like he supports all the agency employees when he knows full well there are those who engaged in criminal activity and are still working at the agency. Average Americans wonder if Mr. Wray is covering up criminal “swamp” activity or if he really wants to serve the country and get rid of the cancer in the agency’s ranks.

  10. ‘Webster, a Republican, says he is “deeply disturbed” by President Donald Trump’s assertion that his appointee Christopher Wray cannot fix what the president calls a broken agency.’

    Frankly, the treachery at the top of the FBI has been evident for several years now. Without transparency, there is little hope that the public will trust the FBI in matters of politics for a very long time. Unfortunately, Wray has done little to improve transparency, rather, he has obfuscated and resisted the release of pertinent information. He has protected the same actors who, we now know from the IC report, went outside the law to spy on a major political candidate.

    Unfortunately, I also believe that Wray does not have it in him to fix the political corruption in the upper echelons of FBI.

  11. Peculiar statement by Webster, no oversight needed? We don’t need the CIA. We have plenty military intelligence. It has been shown that the CIA spies on the American people regardless of laws. The CIA and FBI are used by the “power elite” to remain on top of business and social institutions.

  12. While I remember William Webster and believe he was a good FBI Director, he is talking about changed times and a department that went off course without a rudder. It is an outrage to see what the FBI let happen through whatever one would call it: Neglect, dereliction of duty, incompetence, purposeful intrusion, immoral acts, or illegal spying. Any one of these was and is bad. Let’s take a look at this from another angle. Trump, Barr or Durham would not be on this topic but for the actions or inaction of the FBI in this obvious scandal. Also, I tend to think Wray has an opportunity to do the right thing here and fix the mess at the FBI. However, what he came out a said was of little value, use or substance. If he can fix the mess and polish the shine of the FBI again – great. If he cannot – he needs to leave.

  13. Perhaps a review of the latest history of “actions” by the FBI are in order. Not that I am going to do that here, but to those informed to begin with, it goes against Wesbster’s contentions, most notably with Shrillery’s soiree under the guise of what laughably the FBI called … an “investigation”. What do they think we are … Demorat voter idiots ? My contention is that they have no real need to “inform” their mentally challenged voter base, as they will reflexively vote for them out of blinkered habit, so what is the purpose of this untoward blurb from a formerly respected official ?

  14. Webster? Now remind me….was he the head of the FBI when Whitey Bulger was basically running the Boston office? When the lead agent went down to Florida and participated in a mob murder?

    Was it the Commies or La Cosa Nostra who pulled FBI Director Webters strings??

  15. FBI under Comey was abysmal.
    Get it right folks.
    There is ample evidence to show the FBI needs to be restructured and cleaned up.
    The cleansing need not be rank and file – but, senior staff needs to either shape up or ship out.

  16. Director Wray has always struck me as nothing more than a follower, never a leader.
    Mr. Webster sounds like he was part of the originating bad apples many years ago.

  17. The FBI has lost credibility with this citizen. Now. Mr. Wray… how do you intend to restore it? And mind you, I have been an independent voter all of my 70 years. I love my country, but my faith has been terribly shaken. Trust, like the soul, once lost never returns!