Krasner Challenges Trump: ‘You and Me, Let’s Go.’

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Larry Krasner

Liberal support has helped to elect reform prosecutors like Philadelphia's newly elected DA Larry Krasner. Photo by Michael Thielen via Flickr

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner responded to President Donald Trump’s attacks against him, inviting the president to come discuss criminal justice reform and casting Trump’s comments as a sign of political weakness, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

Trump, at a rally Tuesday in Hershey, Pa., criticized Philadelphia’s “sanctuary city” policy and called Krasner “the worst district attorney,” wrongly accusing him of letting killers “out almost immediately.”

Trump told the crowd, “Get yourselves a new prosecutor.”

Krasner fired back after a news conference about his decision to drop charges against an 18-year-old who prosecutors say accidentally shot and killed his twin brother.

“He’s standing somewhere in the middle of Pennsylvania with a typical group of supporters and he is blowing a dog whistle,” Krasner said.

“He is rallying rural sections of the state to despise everything that Philadelphia is — a city of immigrants, a city that is very diverse, and a city that rejected him by 85 percent of the vote last time he ran. He’s doing so because he is afraid. He’s doing so because he is politically weak.”

Krasner argued that increased voter turnout in Philadelphia since 2016, including when he ran for DA in 2017, frightens Trump in a state critical to his reelection. Krasner told Trump, “You are not going to undermine and destroy our democracy and you are not going to stop the good and progressive district attorneys around this country.” Krasner has repeatedly feuded with Trump-appointed U.S. Attorney William McSwain and with John McNesby, president of Philadelphia’s police union.

McNesby met weith Trump last week, in part to complain about Krasner. He invited Trump to meet with him while in Philadelphia for the Army-Navy Game on Saturday.

“Please, come to Philadelphia. Let us have a robust discussion about criminal justice reform,” he said. “You and me, let’s go.”

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