Four Years Later, Feds Charge CO Abortion Clinic Shooter

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A federal grand jury in Denver indicted Robert Lewis Dear in connection with the 2015 attack on a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, Co., CBS News reports. The 68-count indictment said Dear was “intending to wage ‘war’ ” on Planned Parenthood because it offered abortion services. The indictment alleges Dear, now 61, traveled to the clinic with four SKS rifles, five handguns, two additional rifles, a shotgun, more than 500 rounds of ammunition and propane tanks on November 27, 2015. Dear allegedly approached a car with three occupants parked next to his truck and told them, “You shouldn’t have come here today.” He then opened fire, killing one and seriously injuring the two others.

He is then accused of shooting at three other people, killing one and injuring another, and forcing his way into the Planned Parenthood clinic. Occupants hid, but one was shot through a wall. A standoff with police lasted five hours, and Dear fired 198 bullets. Dear also allegedly placed a propane tank in the parking lot and shot the tank in an attempt to create an explosion. Dear has repeatedly been found incompetent to stand trial on Colorado state charges and has been in a state hospital. The new federal charges include use of a firearm during a crime resulting in death and violating a law ensuring access to clinic entrances. He could face the death penalty. State District Attorney Dan May said the federal case was separate from the state case, and that Dear’s competency would next be evaluated in January as scheduled.

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