Two of Four Nashville Teen Escapees Captured

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Two teenagers who broke out of a Nashville juvenile detention center were recaptured Tuesday, CNN reports. Decorrius Wright, 16, and Calvin Howse, 15, were taken in custody by the Juvenile Crime Task Force in Madison, Tn. Authorities are still searching for the two other teens who escaped from the facility on Saturday. The arrests were made after officials released security videos that showed the teens running undetected through the empty hallways of the facility and escaping through the front door. The teens escaped past the 9 p.m. usual bedtime when a staff supervisor left them cleaning an area inside the facility by themselves and went to a different floor to address a disturbance, the company managing the center said. Youth Opportunity Investments, a private detention contractor that has managed the center since 2015, has fired three of its employees and suspended one for three days in reaction to the escape.

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