NY Inmates Sue Over Incorrect Drug Test Results

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Hundreds of New York State prisoners say they were punished after tests falsely determined they had used drugs, they charged in a federal class-action lawsuit,  reports the New York Times. Many inmates spent months in solitary confinement or locked in cells. Others were denied release on parole, removed from programs, or held beyond their scheduled release dates after testing positive for narcotics, said the lawsuit. The plaintiffs, who include former and current inmates, say the manufacturer of the drug-testing equipment used in prisons — Microgenics Corporation and its parent company, Thermo Fisher Scientific — failed to ensure that its devices produced accurate results. The state corrections department has begun reviewing tests taken this year that came back positive for the opioids Suboxone and buprenorphine, the lawsuit says.

Corrections spokesman Thomas Mailey said the prisons had stopped using the Microgenics equipment after learning that results were inaccurate. They “immediately reversed any actions taken as a result of these tests, and restored privileges to any potentially affected inmates,” he said. Prison officials are planning to sue the manufacturer. Prisoner advocates said the prison system had reversed some guilty findings, reinstated educational and recreational programming for inmates who had been removed, and released some people who were being held longer because of faulty tests. Mailey declined to say how many findings were reversed, when the state stopped using the equipment, or how officials learned the tests were faulty. The prison system has usiedthe Microgenics devices since 2018, when the state signed a five-year, $1.6 million contract with the company to supply 52 prisons with Indiko Plus “urinalysis analyzers.” “It’s a civil rights issue. It’s a justice issue,” said Karen Murtagh of Prisoners’ Legal Services of New York.

3 thoughts on “NY Inmates Sue Over Incorrect Drug Test Results

  1. i was given 4 false positive urines was targeted by several officers from franklin correctional facility was sexually assaulted given false citations unjustified sent to the shu was held bk from draft to keep me in franklin correctional was threatened numerous times in front of other srgt LT s and my family members were given false information in the visitation room

  2. I am one of the plaintiffs. I was in Cayuga Correctional. Received the false positive, and was put in solitary confinement for 120 days. I had loss of all privileges for a month after my solitary time was complete. I was moved to Franklin Correctional Facility. I lost my Parole Board solely do to, “Drug Use.” I had a makeup Parole Board, as did everyone. But again, I was turned down. The depression, heartache, missed time, missed love ones, and above all…….My Freedom can nvr be replenished. Many, many things were taken from me, and the loss of Humanity has had an astonishing, and profound negative effect not just on my life. But to my Daughters. And to my family that depended on me, and needed me home.

  3. I was another inmate who was ruined by this. I was removed from a program that would have put me in work release (c.a.s.a.t) I missed seeing my grandfather before he passed away and initially lost my release date as well as just valuable time lost with loved ones. Hopefully justice will prevails and this never will happen again. Darren Biccum # one of the many Wrongfully accused

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