Wisconsin Lawmakers Spurn Gov’s Call for Gun Laws

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Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers’ call for a special session on gun legislation required lawmakers to convene, but they didn’t have to do anything else. And they didn’t, with GOP leaders in the Assembly and Senate gaveling the session to a close in less than a minute without considering two bills to expand background checks and impose a red-flag law, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports.

Evers, a Democrat, put forward his proposals after gunmen in Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas, slew 31 people over one weekend in August. Republican lawmakers ignored his pleas to take up his two bills and he tried to force the issue last month by calling the special session for this week. “There’s just not any momentum in the caucus to take up either one of the bills that the governor has offered,” Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald told reporters after standing on the Senate dais, declaring the special session over and banging his gavel. Evers said the Republicans had essentially told Wisconsin residents to “go jump in a lake” by refusing to take up the proposals.

One thought on “Wisconsin Lawmakers Spurn Gov’s Call for Gun Laws

  1. Among our founders, a dozen or more governors would be driven from the chambers as Tories. These laws would have been deemed unthinkable insults to the notion of a constitutional republic. Universal background check laws are being trumpeted by democrats again because this may be the last time they enjoy a House majority. Democrats want you to believe criminals will ask the government for permission to have a firearm. But clearly, none of this democrat hoopla is justified and it won’t help them. They hope to hoodwink us with Bloomberg’s rhetoric without reading his 2018 data. It reveals gun homicides declined seven percent, firearm injuries declined 10 percent, fatal child shootings (under 18) declined 12 percent and unintentional shootings plummeted 21 percent.

    They want universal background checks in order to create a register of transfers between mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, uncles, cousins, friends, and neighbors. They’re after inheritances, bequeathals, gifts and sales of inherited collections, however small they are. Their red flag laws were created to dilute power licensed to the psychiatric community and transfer it to unqualified persons more obedient to democrats, e.g., local judges and crotchety old aunts. They don’t want you to know that due process requires reports from two psychiatrists, one from each side, legal representation, arraignment, indictment and trial by jury. Democrats and weak minded Republicans are victims of the bum’s rush. Democrats want US citizens to believe making the U.S. safer for criminals will make it safer for their victims. Ask yourself, do you believe being disarmed makes you safer? What kind of political leader would disarm his people while howling about the peril they face?[this comment was condensed for space]

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