Tennessee Execution Questioned After New Information Emerges

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When Thomas Bruce was charged last year with a shocking crime, investigators found something strange: He had a clean criminal record, The Washington Post reports.

In November 2018, the former Missouri pastor allegedly posed as a customer at a Catholic Supply store in the suburbs of St. Louis before returning with a gun and forcing two women to perform sex acts, then killing a third. Given the horrific nature of the crime and the fact that it seemed carefully planned, police suspected it was the work of an experienced criminal, the Riverfront Times reported. Soon, other disturbing allegations about Bruce surfaced. Now, attorneys are questioning whether the 54-year-old might also be linked to another senseless murder that took place decades ago in Tennessee. Authorities have long considered the 1985 death of Suzanne Marie Collins to be a closed case, and in 2006, her alleged killer was executed by lethal injection. But the crime scene evidence never underwent DNA testing, leading lawyers from the Innocence Project to wonder whether police had the wrong suspect all along.

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