WA Police Seize Guns After Owner’s ‘Joker’ Post

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Before the nationwide opening of the movie, “Joker,” a grim and violent story about Batman’s nemesis, Redmond, Wa., police seized assault-style rifles, handguns and parts used to make “ghost guns” from a 23-year-old man who allegedly posted a disturbing social-media message and photo referencing the film, the Seattle Times reports. Redmond police obtained a temporary extreme risk protection order (ERPO) and went to the man’s house, where they seized eight firearms, numerous high-capacity magazines, and the man’s concealed-pistol license, said police spokeswoman Andrea Wolf-Buck. Though the man claimed his social-media post was a joke, detectives — who found several of the man’s posts advocating violence against women — still plan to seek a full ERPO, which, if approved by a judge, would keep guns out of the man’s hands for one year.

In 2016, Washington voters overwhelmingly approved an “extreme risk” law to allow law enforcement officers and family members to ask a judge to keep firearms out of the hands of someone deemed a danger to themselves or others, even if no crime had been committed. Since then, ERPOs have been used to seize guns from people threatening suicide and those who have displayed warning signs sometimes associated with mass killings. Redmond police provided additional security over the weekend at one movie theater showing “Joker.” The film earned $93 million at the box office during its opening weekend.

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