DOJ Prosecutors Seeking Indictment of McCabe

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Justice Department prosecutors have been authorized to seek an indictment alleging former acting FBI director Andrew McCabe lied to investigators, and on Thursday he was told one of his last bids to persuade them not to had failed, reports the Washington Post. A grand jury was summoned back after a months-long hiatus to consider the case, but no public charges have been filed. Grand jurors were sent home and McCabe remained in limbo. McCabe’s team had been told that line prosecutors recommended charges and later that U.S. Attorney Jessie Liu had endorsed that decision.

To bring an indictment, prosecutors would have to persuade 12 of the 23 grand jurors to sign onto the decision. If grand jurors turn them down, it is possible for prosecutors to call in a new group, though they would then have to restart the process. McCabe authorized the FBI to begin investigating President Donald Trump and has long been a target of the commander-in-chief’s ire. His defenders are likely to view any charges against him as the most sinister form of Trump’s revenge. McCabe, 51, was a well-regarded FBI veteran who ascended to become the bureau’s No. 2 official at what would turn out to be a particularly tenuous time. He was involved in supervising the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server and the inquiry into possible coordination between the Trump campaign and Russia to influence the 2016 election. McCabe has disputed he did anything wrong, and his attorney has said that statements he made to investigators “are more properly understood as the result of misunderstanding, miscommunication, and honest failures of recollection based on the swirl of events around him.”

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