Police Association Union Backs Trump Re-elecion

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The International Union of Police Associations (IUPA) endorsed President Donald Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign Monday, saying he has done more for law enforcement in the past two and a half years than former President Barack Obama did in eight, reports Courthouse News Service. IUPA President Sam Cabral said Trump made communities safer by signing orders to equip police with life-saving military equipment, championing the Mental Health and Wellness Act – which improved police access to mental health services – and providing funds to hire more law enforcement officers. Trump “has even undone some of the harmful acts of his predecessor,” he said.

Carbral cited Trump’s ordering Attorney General William Barr to develop a strategy to prosecute prosecute criminals who attack police officers more aggressively, along with resuming capital punishment for federal prisoners on death row after a two-year pause. The police union chief said the national national crime rate had decreased since Trump’s election, even though there are daily reports of violence and crime in “Democratic strongholds of Baltimore as well as Chicago.” Cabral added that, “Every top Democrat currently running for this office has vilified the police and made criminals out to be victims. They seem to take any union’s support for granted. Many of them still refer to the tragedy in Ferguson as a murder, despite the conclusions of every investigative inquiry to the contrary.”

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