House Dems Broaden Trump Impeachment Inquiry

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House Democrats are poised to broaden their impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump beyond the findings of the Russia investigation, but they will confront a fast-dwindling political clock, the New York Times reports. Undeterred by lackluster public support for impeachment, Democratic lawmakers have a robust four-month plan for hearings and court arguments that they hope will provide the evidence they need to portray Trump credibly as corrupt and abusing his power. Beyond the president’s efforts to impede the special counsel’s investigation, Democrats plan to scrutinize his role in hush payments to two women who said they had affairs with him and will probe reports that he dangled pardons to officials who would break the law to implement his immigration policies. Democrats also demanded documents last week related to whether his resort properties illegally profited from government business.

“The central oversight perspective so far has been focused on the Mueller report,” said Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD), who sits on the Judiciary Committee. “We need to broaden out the oversight work to get a complete picture of the lawlessness of the administration. That is the imperative for the fall season.” Even the most ardent supporters of impeachment conceded that time might already be short, with some 40 days in session left before the end of the year, and a crowded legislative calendar.

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