117 Rights Groups Issue Justice Platform for 2020 Campaign

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Sculptural Group by Daniel Chester French. Photo by Eden, Janine and Jim via Flickr

Some 117 civil and human rights groups have issued a 2020 justice platform that they hope will attract attention from candidates in next year’s elections.

Led by the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights and Civil Rights Corps, a non-profit organization who describes its mission as “challenging systemic injustice in the American legal system,” the groups call their proposal a “unified vision for transforming our criminal-legal system into one that respects the humanity, dignity, and rights of all people.”

Leadership Conference president Vanita Gupta called on government leaders to “end mass incarceration and eliminate the deep racial bias entrenched in the current system.”

She said the groups were offering a “comprehensive roadmap to create a new way to approach public safety, rebalancing spending and prioritizing upfront investments in the communities that most urgently need them.”

The groups’ 14 recommendations center on three thematic issues: “ensuring equity and accountability, building a restorative system of justice, and rebuilding communities.”

The proposals include reforming the sentencing system and ending the war on drugs.

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