‘Crime Junkie’ Removes Material After Plagiarism Charge

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“Crime Junkie,” among the most popular podcasts of its type, pulled several episodes from its archive after a journalist accused it of plagiarizing her work, the New York Times reports. Hosted by Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat since its December 2017 debut, the podcast operates out of Indianapolis and examines a variety of crimes around the U.S. Journalist Cathy Frye posted a lengthy note on Flowers’s  Facebook account regarding an episode on the 2002 killing of 13-year-old Kacie Woody. Frye, who wrote a series of articles on the crime, accused Flowers of quoting almost verbatim a portion of her work, which she said was copyrighted by the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. “The information you used in your podcast comes only from my series,” Frye wrote. “No other media had access to the details that I did. Nor did they get the interviews that I did.”

Frye suggested that Flowers conduct her own interviews or share the source of her information with listeners. “You can either take down that podcast or I — and the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette — will pursue this legally,” she wrote. Within days, the episode had been removed, along with several others. The comment sent shock waves through show’s fan base, and in the tight-knit world of true-crime podcasting. Frye’s accusation prompted other podcasters to complain that they, too, had their work used by “Crime Junkie.” After Frye’s note, “Crime Junkie” posted a statement to its Facebook page announcing that it had taken down “several” episodes because “their source material could no longer be found or properly cited.”

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