Camera Footage Expected in CO Fatal Police Shooting

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Body camera footage in a fatal Colorado police shooting of a black man suspected in an armed robbery will be released by the end of this week, officials say, reports the Colorado Springs Gazette. The District Attorney will decide whether the shooting was justified and if the officers involved will face criminal charges. Pressure to release the body cam video has been building since witnesses came forward to claim that De’Von Bailey, 19, had been shot in the back while fleeing from police officers and that they did not see him with a weapon. Police have said he reached for a weapon and that a gun was recovered at the scene.

The Gazette obtained surveillance video from a nearby apartment building that corroborated at least part of witness accounts. It showed Bailey running, then crumpling to the ground as two officers with their guns drawn come up from behind him. Since the surveillance video surfaced, the decision to withhold the body cam footage has been criticized by Bailey’s relatives and others who say he was a victim of police brutality and racial discrimination. About 60 people marched last week from City Hall to the Police Operations Center chanting, “No peace, no justice.” Bailey was the fifth person killed by police officers in Colorado Springs this year. Prosecutors have ruled two shootings justified, while the other three, including Bailey, are under investigation. Bailey and a cousin were stopped by several officers near a school on Aug. 3 after an armed robbery was reported. The cousin said Bailey had a gun on him, but did not reach for it before bolting from the officers.

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