Rosenstein Derides Comey as ‘Partisan Pundit’

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Former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, in a Baltimore speech, defended his role in President Trump’s abrupt firing of former FBI director James Comey, whom he called a “partisan pundit,” reports the Baltimore Sun. Comey criticized Rosenstein in a New York Times op-ed for giving a speech quoting the president on the importance of the rule of law. Rosenstein said Comey ” seems to be acting as a partisan pundit, selling books and earning speaking fees while speculating about the strength of my character and the fate of my immortal soul … That is disappointing. Speculating about souls is not a job for police and prosecutors. Generally we base our opinions on eyewitness testimony.”

Rosenstein criticized Comey for his handling of an investigation into a private email server used by Hillary Clinton, the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee. Rosenstein said Comey “chose to send a letter to the Congress on the eve of the election stating that one of the presidential candidates was under criminal investigation, expecting that letter to be released immediately to the public. Those actions in my view were not within the realm of reasonable decisions.” Speaking to business executives, Rosenstein noted that he was responsible for overseeing special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe, and that, “I would never allow anyone to interfere with that investigation.” Earlier in the day, Rosenstein — the former U.S. Attorney for Maryland — quoted Mueller in a speech urging University of Baltimore law school graduates to remain true to their principles. Introducing Rosenstein, law school dean Ronald Welch called him a straight shooter who “was often under fire” and “made the tough calls.” See Also: Rosenstein Praised by Sessions: ‘He Stayed the Course’

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