One thought on “How Private Prison Services Control a ‘Captive’ Market

  1. The following quote is incorrect:

    [But as “more and more responsibilities of the justice system have been offloaded to private entities,” policymakers needed to address the ethics of privatization rather than just its efficiency benefits, the study said.]

    In my experience, the responsibility has never been offloaded to the private contractor. The responsibility has always rested solely with the government. The contracts are carefully written. Oversight committees, audits, and contract monitors are put in place and periodically rotated to prevent bias. Private entities are not allowed to step out of line to any degree or assume any sort of decision making without the express permission of the government and the watchful eye of the contract monitors. Contractors are never left to run amok without the government’s knowledge. The contracts stipulate strict requirements and penalties if requirements are not followed. In severe circumstances, the contract is terminated.

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