Crime-Data Entrepreneur Leaves LAPD for Consulting Gig

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After earning hundreds of thousands of dollars by moonlighting as a crime-data consultant, the 25-year Los Angeles Police Department veteran who pushed his department to the forefront of controversial data-driven crime-fighting tools is leaving to pursue his consulting career, the Los Angeles Times reports. The departure of LAPD Deputy Chief Sean Malinowski comes amid questions about the effectiveness and racial equity of the program he helped start more than eight years ago to predict locations of property crimes.

Malinowski said he plans to work part time at the University of Chicago and run his own company, which won a $635,000 contract in March with the Baltimore Police Department. Malinowski was one of a team of experts who helped the Chicago Police Department on crime issues. Under a $250-an-hour contract, Malinowski earned $223,750 between late 2016 and Feb. 9, 2018, in Chicago, the Chicago Sun-Times reported. In 2017, he created a company called Strategic Focus to provide “strategic planning and technical assistance,” according to a filing with the California secretary of state’s office.

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