3 thoughts on “How I ‘Jump-Started’ My Life After Prison

  1. Education of all kinds was available when I went to federal prison in the seventies. We made use of those programs. Most the young men during that time made use of the programs. The staff (guard) started to complain that prisoners were being educated for committing crimes. The conservative politicians like Regan in California started to advocating the termination of rehabilitation and to treat prisoners like animals. This took hold and educational programs were terminated. They were replaced with longer sentences and prisoners being treated the same as dogs in a dog pound. The public loved it. The public loves treating women and children crossing the border like dogs in a dog pound. We are brain washed to to punish our way out of problems not educate our way out of problems. this is the reality in America.

  2. Although I agree with the author, I take exception on blaming one party. Despite my affiliation with the Democratic Party accusations must be forthcoming regarding former Bill Clinton, 3 Strikes you’re out law that was pivotal in a new atrocious incarceration of Blk men. The law passed and makes it true that one will cut off the necks of thousands to save one’s own! Indeed, after passing the 3 strikes law at one of the NAACP conventions, Clinton, although apologize did nothing to rectify this mistake. Unfortunately, the Johnson administration was part of the cause and effect of mass incarcerations, as well and these horrific laws that filter through poor and blk communities must be realized in order to correct.

  3. It is a good thing for some and others I just don’t agree with. Some of these brothers give false hope to family because of their jailhouse lies but some brothers want a new life with the people they love

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