Salt Lake City Police Weigh Dumping Body Cams

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Salt Lake City residents — including family members of people shot by officers in the state — are speaking out to the board of directors for the Unified Police Department (UPD), one of the biggest police forces in Utah, as it considers whether to discontinue its use of body cameras because of the high cost, The Salt Lake Tribune reports. The department first met in February to discuss possibly eliminating the cameras and tabled the issue so it could hear from the public.

In 2017, the department outfitted 125 of its 410 officers with body cameras. The force was able to pay for that, in part, with the help of a grant that expires in three years. It has already funded $146,000 toward the costs. But UPD has had to pay an additional $348,000 for the cameras and data storage. The board of directors, as it prepares a budget, is now weighing whether it should get cameras for every officer, continue covering that 30 percent, or eliminate them altogether.

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