MSU Student Who Sued Over Rape No Longer a ‘Jane Doe’

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Bailey Kowalski on Thursday publicly accused Michigan State University of discouraging her to report a rape four years ago by three players on the school’s basketball team, The Detroit News reports. In doing so, the 22-year-old MSU senior, who was formerly only described as “Jane Doe,”  said she was speaking out to encourage other sexual assault victims to come forward and spur change, an action made easier for her as she approaches graduation and prepares to leave the university.

Kowalski, who sued the university anonymously last year before first going public this week in an interview with the New York Times, declined to name the student athletes who allegedly raped her and told reporters her story is about more than the basketball team. But her lawyer said they have “not ruled out” the possibility of requesting criminal charges separate from her civil lawsuit, which seeks compensation from the university for the impacts of psychological and emotional distress.

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