A Prosecutor’s Plan to Stop Abusers Before They Kill

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The Jackson County prosecutor in Missouri is launching an initiative to stop domestic violence-related homicides by intervening with abusers before they kill, The Kansas City Star reports. The new initiative is modeled after a national effort called Intimate Partner Violence Intervention, which features a multi-tier focused deterrence model. It identifies and targets what Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker calls “the worst of the worst” abusers and provides several ways to get them off the streets.

Nationally, between 40 percent to 50 percent of female homicide victims are killed by their intimate partners. In Jackson County’s version of the Intimate Partner Violence Intervention initiative, authorities will identify unrelated crimes committed by the offender as a way to put them in jail. Other efforts include requiring offenders to attend “call-in” meetings where they speak directly to authorities and those who work with domestic violence victims. A third layer calls for a detective to speak directly to offenders and give them a “face-to-face deterrent message,” explaining the legal consequences if they continue their abusive behavior. Offenders may also receive a letter saying they are being closely monitored.

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