One thought on “Increase in Female Inmates Linked to Opioid Crisis, Poverty

  1. Statistics show that female opioid addicts have a more difficult time & require longer treatment then males. We need to get Peer Support inside these prisons & I’ll be the first to volunteer in the state of Mississippi. They need to learn the same tools that I’ve learned. They need to learn WRAP – Wellness Recovery Action Plan & this alone will give them some hope. Which is a lot more then I had when I was releases with NO reentry. Why can’t the some of the money for the Opiod Crisis go for this. Releasing someone with a history of SUD without giving them training, advocacy & mentors too guide them to a healthy recovery is criminal. Everyone that I was in in prison with is either dead or missing. I was the only one that stayed sober & that’s because I went straight back to the Mississippi State Hospital &; trained as a asst. counselor WRAP gives them a purpose, a plan, and a what to do next list….It game me HOPE when I was empty inside wanting to die. GREAT ARTICLE TOO…..thanks..Everyone deserves to have HOPE ! [this comment was condensed for space]

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