FBI Hopes Killer’s Drawings Will Help ID Victims

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Samuel Little confessed to more than 90 murders over three decades, making him one of the most prolific serial killers in U.S. history. Many of his claims of responsibility for murders between 1970 and 2005 haven’t been identified or linked to him, making it hard to verify. The FBI released 16 ominous and eerily detailed portraits on Tuesday that Little drew of people suspected of being his victims from prison in Texas, reports USA Today. “We are hoping that someone – family member, former neighbor, friend – might recognize the victim and provide that crucial clue in helping authorities make an identification,” said FBI spokeswoman Shayne Buchwald. “We want to give these women their names back and their family some long-awaited answers. It’s the least we can do.”

The drawings capture the color of each victim’s eyes and how they wore their hair. One person, who Little says went by “Mary Ann” and he killed in Miami, is wearing a blue and grey headband, another who he claims to have murdered in Atlanta is wearing bright red lipstick and red earrings. Some appear to be grinning; others appear stern and stoic. Each drawing is marked with a possible city and year in which the murder happened. Buchwald says Little’s drawings are vividly accurate and have helped provide breaks in three cold cases across the U.S. Authorities in Maryland were able to use Little’s description to link him to the murder of a woman who has never been identified. Another drawing helped authorities link Little to the 1984 murder of a woman in Arkansas, who also has not been identified. The now 78-year-old took his killing spree across at least 16 states, strangling each victim.

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