Woman Fights To End Sexual Violence On College Campuses

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Twenty years later, Brenda Tracy, a 45-year-old mother of two travels the country to stand before strangers and share her most awful memory, of a gang rape. This crusade, which started years before the #MeToo movement, takes her any place where people will listen, the Los Angeles Times reports. Her schedule is now packed with schools willing to pay a speaking fee plus expenses. In 13 scheduled appearances from last fall to January, she traveled from Minnesota to Louisiana, from Ohio to Virginia. The talks are emotionally taxing and there are people who troll her online, questioning her honesty and motives.

Near the end of a talk at Sacramento State, she offers one statistic. Citing studies on rape perpetration, she suggests that roughly 10% of the male population is responsible for the great majority of sexual violence. She tells the men: “I’m not here because I think you’re the problem. I think you’re the solution.

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