Problems at Federal Jail in Brooklyn Nothing New, say Families

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After a partial power outage on Jan. 27  plunged parts of the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn into total darkness, while inmates were locked in their cells for days as temperatures inside dipped to near freezing, outraged community members protested outside the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn. Local politicians demanded jail officials take immediate action to fix the electrical system and provide generators and additional blankets to inmates. Power was eventually restored on Feb. 3 ― a week after it went out. But the facility’s lack of urgency and empathy toward inmates is nothing new, the Huffington Post reports. 

“It’s like a zoo in there ― crazy,” said Abigail Perez, whose fiance detained there is diabetic and has some mental health issues. “It’s very dirty. … Sometimes there’s no heat, no hot water. Sometimes they lock them down and won’t give them breakfast until the afternoon.”

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