Opioid Overdoses In One Buffalo County Will Now Be Treated As Crime Scenes

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Law enforcement officials, led by U.S. Attorney James P. Kennedy Jr., announced new protocols Wednesday for police responding to drug overdose scenes in Erie County, The Buffalo News reports. They are specific procedures officers are required to follow while treating the site as a crime scene, with the aim of ensuring that the dealer who sold the drugs is held criminally responsible for fatal and non-fatal drug overdoses that occur in Erie County, Kennedy explained during a news conference at his Delaware Avenue office.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office is partnering with the Erie County District Attorney’s Office, the New York-New Jersey High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas, Central Police Services and the Erie County Chiefs Association to ensure that the new protocols are standard procedure in all police departments across the county. In addition to standardizing the information gathered at drug overdose scenes, information gathered by investigating officers will be entered into ODMAP, a real-time, national GPS mapping system that tracks overdoses, fatal overdoses and Narcan use nationwide.

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