One thought on “Can Hotel Staff Identify Sex Trafficking Victims?

  1. There are so many false statements in this article it’s hard to even know where to start. No, there is no increase in sex trafficking or sex work at the superbowl. Those guys are with their families or sharing rooms with other guys, the price of a hotel room goes way up and cuts into profits, etc. There are other events which are full of single, moneyed men.

    The Marriot has said they are disallowing or considering calling the cops on single women in their bars. Why are you not reporting on this accurately? Does the Crime Report want us to live in the Handmaid’s tale?

    Why are you quoting the ILO on labor trafficking in an article about sex trafficking? The ILO says that the majority of trafficking does not happen in the sex industry.

    And “slavery.” Really? There’s no excuse for you not to know better in this day and age.

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