DeVos’ Title IX Plan Draws Heated Personal Attacks

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This Wednesday is the deadline for public comments on the Trump administration’s proposed changes to rules on how schools handle sexual assault allegations. But the verdict is already in, at least in one sense, Politico reports: The plan “has turned the federal site for collecting public comments into a cauldron of anger and obscenity” aimed at Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

As of Friday, there were nearly 72,000 comments on the Education Department’s proposed rule. The proposal is controversial, viewed by critics as DeVos doing President Trump’s bidding to protect sexual harassers, even though some on the left have criticized the Obama administration’s Title IX regulation as one that could trample the rights of the accused. Many comments are from survivors of sexual assault, detailing their personal experiences and explaining why they believe DeVos’ proposal on Title IX would make it more difficult for others like them to seek justice. Others are taking the opportunity to rage at the administration more broadly. Under the Administrative Procedures Act, the Education Department must review every comment on the proposal and respond to those that warrant a reply.

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