No Indictment in Death of Anton Black

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The Caroline County, Md., state’s attorney said Thursday that there is not enough evidence to indict anyone in the death of Anton Black, the 19-year-old who died of cardiac arrest after a struggle with police in September. The prosecutor will not agree to the request of Black’s family that a grand jury investigate the case, The Baltimore Sun reports.

The teen suffered “sudden cardiac death,” the state medical examiner concluded Wednesday about an incident that has roiled the small town of Greensboro, according to The Washington Post. The medical examiner ruled the death of Black accidental. The autopsy report said it was “likely that the stress of his struggle” with police contributed to his death, as did bipolar disorder and underlying heart issues, but said “no evidence was found that restraint by law enforcement directly caused or significantly caused or significantly contributed” to the Sept. 15 death. Greensboro Police Chief Mike Petyo provided a link Thursday night to The Baltimore Sun of police body-camera footage from the fatal encounter between police and Black.

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