Is Truck Driver a Serial Rapist Or a Falsely Accused Suspect?

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In 2008, DNA evidence identified a Memphis truck driver as a suspect in the rape of a woman in Kalamazoo, Mi. Women in Virginia and Missouri also accused Kelly of rape. He denies the charges. All three women were poor, black and vulnerable, characteristics that make them more likely to be raped and less likely to be believed, reports the Lansing, Mi., State Journal. A jury found Kelly not guilty in the Michigan case in 2017.

The prosecutor could not tell jurors that 11 women in four states over three decades who told police that they’d been raped, with the ensuing investigations leading to Kelly. Kelly either is a man who has repeatedly been falsely accused, or he is a serial rapist. The State Journal describes how the various cases against Kelly evolved and did not lead to convictions. In May, a Tennessee grand jury indicted him on rape and kidnapping charges. Kelly, 61, is in jail in Memphis awaiting trial once again.

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