DOJ, Police Chiefs Issue Violent Crime Guide

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The U.S. Justice Department has issued a Violent Crime Reduction Operations Guide in collaboration with the Major Cities Chiefs Association, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced on Tuesday. Sessions spoke to the National Fusion Center Association, which represents collaborative federal-state-local efforts to gather intelligence on possible terrorist activities. In the guide, Jon Adler, director of DOJ’s Bureau of Justice Assistance, said its purpose “is to identify the critical elements of violent crime reduction efforts and to put before the law enforcement community, in one place, a sample of the remarkable array of programs, services, and assistance available from DOJ.”

The publication says that 10 percent of locations generate more than 60 percent of crimes, 10 percent of offenders are involved in more than 50 percent of crimes, and 10 percent of victims are involved in 40 percent of victimizations. It says these statistics “lend themselves to evidence=based enforcement and prevention strategies, such as hot-spot policing, problem-oriented policing, directed patrols, and focused deterrence.” In his remarks Tuesday, Sessions said, “Reducing violent crime has been my top priority as Attorney General.  From day one I said that our goals are to reduce violent crime, homicides, opioid prescriptions, and overdose deaths. We have already begun to achieve all four of these goals.”

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