Newspaper Probes Prime Suspect in Serial Killings

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In a six-chapter series headlined “Stalk. Murder. Repeat,” the Kansas City Star reports the story of Robert J. Gross. Over the past four decades, Gross has been a prime suspect in several stalking and murder cases. Some of the people close to those cases go as far as to call him a serial killer. The Star asks why has he not been convicted of murder? The story begins in an era before DNA evidence, at the dawn of the FBI’s profiling science. “It traverses Kansas City’s heyday of violence, bypasses the modernization of police forensic techniques, and deposits Gross deep in the 21st century with his worst crimes unpunished,” the Star says.

Generations of survivors, the families of victims and “flummoxed” detectives are familiar with Gross’ bloody trail of death and destruction. Women he encountered a generation ago are still terrified to speak about him. Gross, through an attorney, declined to comment. For the first time, the Star reports on Gross’ darkest secrets, presenting a full picture of the longtime serial murder suspect, his victims, and the prodigious efforts of police to catch a killer.

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