Man Wounds Four Co-Workers at WI Software Firm

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A heavily armed man opened fire inside a software company in Middleton, Wi., on Wednesday, wounding four co-workers before he was shot by police. The Madison man died later at a hospital, reports the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Three of the wounded at WTS Paradigm were taken to the University of Wisconsin hospital trauma center and were in serious condition. Middleton Police Chief Charles Foulke said the shooter was armed with a semiautomatic handgun and extra ammunition magazines. Had two Middleton police officers and two Dane County sheriff’s deputies not stormed in to take him down, there could have been much more bloodshed.

“If you’re going to ask me about the motive, I don’t know and I don’t know anything about the background of the suspect,” said Foulke. “He was an employee so it wasn’t unusual for him to be there.” The suspect did not have a criminal record.  The call came in at 10:26 a.m. for an “active shooter.” The first officer arrived three minutes later and by 10:31 a.m. six Middleton police officers were at the building along with sheriff’s deputies. Inside the company’s offices, the suspect shot at police officers, who returned fire. A woman known as NurseKelsey on Twitter sent tweets about her husband, who works at the business. She said he ran out of a conference room when the shooting started. He saw the shooter standing in the middle of the room, and the man who ran out of the room right behind him was shot in the shoulder and abdomen.

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