Feds Have Much More Evidence in Manafort’s Second Trial

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Regardless of the outcome of the charges against Paul Manafort now being considered by a federal jury in Virginia, the special counsel’s office has almost three times the number of exhibits it wants to show a jury in Manafort’s next criminal trial, CNN reports. Evidence for the two trials largely doesn’t overlap, according to a court filing Thursday from Manafort’s legal team. The two criminal cases that President Trump’s former campaign manager faces do overlap in how they hinge on his alleged political consulting work in Ukraine. The new filing shows just how expansive an investigation Robert Mueller’s team has conducted on Manafort, and how the next trial could be just as revelatory as the first.

In Manafort’s Virginia trial, which began on July 31, prosecutors presented nearly 400 financial records, emails and other documents to the jury. Manafort’s team says the prosecutors have “well over” 1,000 pieces of evidence lined up for the federal case in Washington, D.C., set to go to trial next month. For the past three weeks, Manafort’s lawyers have been arguing in a Virginia federal courtroom for his innocence on alleged tax and bank fraud crimes. Manafort’s trial on foreign lobbying and money laundering charges, is set to begin Sept. 17. Judge Judge Amy Berman Jackson in Washington delayed a filing deadline for Manafort’s team for four days because of the ongoing Virginia trial. Jurors in that trial began their second day of deliberations Friday morning, a day after sending the judge questions about legal points raised by the defense.

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