Should Domestic Violence Advocate Be Paid $761K?

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Tiffany Carr runs Florida’s top domestic violence organization, a nonprofit that uses state and federal funds to finance shelters and other essential services. A 2017 report from the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence says she is paid $761,560 annually, the Miami Herald reports. She hit that mark after receiving pay raises totaling $313,475 over a two-year period. “That’s — it’s ridiculous,” said University of Miami law Prof. Dan Ravicher, who focuses on nonprofits, business and social entrepreneurship. “We’re talking almost 2 percent of the budget being paid to one person. That’s pretty unusual.”

Carr’s coalition, a nonprofit that reports its top salaries on annual Internal Revenue Service forms called 990s, is one of many private organizations that receive state funds to provide social services. In addition, the coalition operates as a pass-through, awarding public funds to smaller domestic violence organizations. “It is surprising that a private nonprofit organization serving such a vulnerable population requiring critical services would set a salary at more than $750,000,” said Mara Gambineri, deputy communications director for Gov. Rick Scott. “This organization should provide a full explanation and give reassurance that the important services they provide are not being diluted by this expense.” The state, which provides slightly more than half of the coalition’s funding, apparently had no idea Carr was pulling down such a hefty salary. Mike Carroll, the secretary of Florida’s Department of Children & Families, said the coalition’s budget on file with his agency lists her salary as $300,000, “which may be inconsistent with federal tax documents…”

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