Trump Decision on Mueller Session Off Until July

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Rudy Giuliani, President Trump’s personal attorney, said the president’s decision on whether to sit for an interview with special counsel Robert Mueller could be delayed until mid- to late July as his legal team assesses the impact of a new report by the Justice Department’s inspector general, the Washington Post reports. “I’m advising him to stay put, to hold our horses a little,” Giuliani told the Post. Last week, Giuliani vowed to use the report to undermine the special-counsel probe. Still, Giuliani said on Wednesday that the Trump legal team continues to engage with Mueller’s team and will keep open the option of a sit-down interview.

If the president agreed to a sit-down, the special counsel has told Trump’s attorneys that he could finish within roughly 90 days a report on whether Trump sought to obstruct a probe into Russian interference in the 2016 campaign. A separate report outlining Mueller’s broader findings on Russian attempts to bolster Trump’s candidacy is expected to take longer. Giuliani on Tuesday night referred to the Mueller probe as a “kangaroo court” and suggested it would be malpractice for him to allow Trump to agree to an interview. During an appearance on Fox News, Giuliani was asked by host Sean Hannity if he could “foresee any circumstances” under which he would allow Trump to appear before Mueller. “Do I look crazy?” Giuliani responded. “So far, you know, I still have all my senses, and I’m a heck of a lawyer. And I get drummed out of the profession if I did. I mean, the reality is, you don’t put your client in a kangaroo court.”

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