Suspect in Six Phoenix Murders Kills Himself

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Dwight Lamon Jones, who police found dead Monday morning of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in a Scottsdale, Az., hotel room, is suspected in a string of shootings over the last week, The Arizona Republic reports. Before he started, Jones, 56, apparently created almost 10 hours of online video outlining what he saw as a conspiracy by his ex-wife, psychiatrists, lawyers and the judicial system to rig a divorce case and steal custody of his son. A YouTube channel titled “exposing lowlifes” housed 18 videos that included a taped interview between his ex-wife and a famous psychiatrist and a long letter to his estranged son. Forensic psychiatrist Steven Pitt, who was killed last Thursday, was one of the people named. The forensic psychiatrist was retained by his wife’s attorney to complete a psychiatric assessment of Jones in 2009.

Jones told Pitt that his wife had abused their son and had multiple affairs, yet she was the one attempting to make him look violent and paranoid so she could have full custody of their child. Jones would ultimately lose custody. Nine years later, police said, he kills Pitt. The next day, police believe, Jones walked into the office of his wife’s former lawyer with a loaded gun. Regardless of the intended target, only two paralegals — Veleria Sharp and Laura Anderson — were in the office on Friday. Police said Jones shot both of them dead. Later that day, police believe, Jones shot Marshall Levine. The psychologist, life coach and hypnotherapist had no apparent involvement in Jones’ long divorce case. He shared an office space with his son’s counselor. She had tried to convince his son to fear Jones, he insisted in a video.  On Sunday afternoon, Jones killed another man and a woman, police said. In an unexpected twist, the suspect’s ex-wife, Connie Jones, said her current husband, a retired police detective, made the connection between her divorce and the crime scenes and notified police of his suspicion, the Associated Press reports. Connie Jones said her ex-husband was a “very emotionally disturbed person.”

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