Baltimore Police Scandal Could Affect 1,700 Cases

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A review by the Baltimore State’s Attorney’s office has whittled down the number of cases affected by the police department’s corrupt Gun Trace Task Force from nearly 3,000 to about 1,700, prosecutor Marilyn Mosby told the City Council on Monday night, the Baltimore Sun reports. Mosby said Deputy State’s Attorney Janice Bledsoe has been reviewing cases to see whether the eight officers of the task force were material witnesses against defendants charged and convicted of serious crimes. “Some of these individuals who have been convicted are really dangerous individuals,” Mosby said of the defendants. “We make an assessment based on the materiality of the officers. If the officer is a material witness, then we are not going to proceed on those cases.”

In February, Mosby said her office’s preliminary estimate was that thousands of cases were affected by eight city officers who have been convicted of racketeering charges for using their badges to rob people, including two detectives who were convicted by a federal jury. The initial allegations in the federal indictment dated from 2015, but officers cooperating with the government have testified to committing crimes as far back as 2008. In December, Mosby’s office said about 125 cases had been dropped or the defendant’s conviction had been vacated as a result of allegations against the gun task force officers.

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