4 thoughts on “Why Panic is the Wrong Response to Mass Shootings

  1. From this article: “The fact is, that rate of mass killing hasn’t changed in decades, according to our data and research by the Congressional Research Service.”

    From the CRS report it references: “These decade-long averages suggest that the prevalence, if not the deadliness, of “mass public shootings” increased in the 1970s and 1980s, and continued to increase, but not as steeply, during the 1990s, 2000s, and first four years of the 2010s. “

  2. Mass school shootings can be stopped when you understand the little-known preventable visual subliminal distraction mental event causing them. Design engineers found and solved this problem fifty years ago.

    There is a multi-billion dollar industry supplying cubicles and Systems Furniture for open-plan offices to prevent the “office worker” mental event. Students are not warned.

    Today computers and digital view-screen devices allow anyone to create the “mental break causing design mistake” long hours of concentration to work while there is repeating distracting movement nearby in peripheral vision.

    Unlike mental illness, the “special circumstances” of the design mistake can be experimentally copied, optimized, to show the outcome of anxiety leading to beginning depressive ideation.

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