DOJ Announces New Policies on Forensic Science

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Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced new Department of Justice policies to advance forensic science at the American Academy of Forensic Sciences 70th Annual Scientific Meeting in Seattle, the department says. The new guidance implements quality assurance measures based on science-informed practices, enhances forensic capacity and efficiency, and increases coordination and collaboration between the department and state, local, and federal partners.

“Forensic science, used appropriately, will help us accomplish our mission,” Rosenstein said. “The policies that I am announcing today will advance the Justice Department’s commitment to reliable science that helps us to find and report the truth.”

DOJ released uniform language for testimony and reports for use by its forensic examiners to provide testimonial consistency and quality assurance and department-wide testimony monitoring practices to ensure testimonial consistency and accountability by  forensic examiners.

Rosenstein said that DOJ forensic laboratories that support criminal investigations and prosecutions will begin publicly posting current quality management system documents and summaries of internal validation studies online. DOJ also will “re-charter” its Council of Federal Forensic Laboratory Directors, which will begin meeting again this May.  All executive branch agencies with forensic laboratories and digital analysis entities are invited to join.

2 thoughts on “DOJ Announces New Policies on Forensic Science

  1. Thank you for all you do.
    My son, Grant Ensley, is unjustly incarcerated in Ware State Prison for his father’s death.
    He was convicted at the age of 19, solely on circumstantial evidence, and we did not have the money to give him the best representation. The prosecution twisted and manipulated facts to their liking in order to get this conviction.
    Right now he is working on his Habeas, on his own. Once again, we don’t have the money to help him…

  2. Jennifer, sometimes they’re better off fighting on their own. Have him talk to the Law Library clerk at his prison, or anyone in there that knows a lot about how to do the legal work on Appeals. Many inmates that study law, work on cases for other inmates, do better than an outside lawyer. Ex: I have talked to an inmate that worked on his own case (had a life sentence), got himself out last year after serving 23 yrs. He was self taught……studied all those years, even helped other inmates get relief. Wish we would have know him 10 yrs ago because my Son just lost all his levels, including the Supreme Court level and we paid out about $60,000 to an “Expert Appealate Attorney “! My Son got railroaded, he’s innocent, but sadly there’s too much corruption and they cover for each other. We have not given up and still working on it in different ways, but would NEVER pay an Attorney again! You can also ask some attorneys offices about “Pro Bono” work (do it for free), that works sometimes. Hope this helps you.

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