Trump Signals Backing for Gun Background Check Fixes

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Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flikr

President Trump will back improving the federal background check system, The Hill reports. A White House statement said that Trump had spoken to Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) about a bill he and Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) had introduced on background checks.

Trump didn’t endorse the bill per se—the White House said “revisions are being considered.” The bill, introduced last November after the mass shooting at a Texas church, would require states and agencies to produce plans for sending records to the National Instant Background Check System (NICS) that would show if an individual is prohibited from buying a gun and verifying that the information is accurate.

The measure would incentivize agencies and states to provide information by blocking bonus pay for political appointees in agencies that fail to upload records to the background check system and rewarding states that follow their implementation plans.

“For years agencies and states haven’t complied with the law, failing to upload these critical records without consequence. … This bill aims to help fix what’s become a nationwide, systemic problem so we can better prevent criminals and domestic abusers from obtaining firearms,” Cornyn said at the time.

Murphy said the bill “marks an important milestone that shows real compromise can be made on the issue of guns.” The bill had bipartisan support, including from Republican Sens. Orrin Hatch of Utah and Dean Heller of Nevada, and Democrats Danne Feinstein of California and Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire.

The bill would attempt to improve a background check system that has been criticized for years. Its approval would not satisfy gun control advocates, who believe that Congress should act on assault weapon restrictions and other issues that are opposed by the National Rifle Association and many Republicans.

4 thoughts on “Trump Signals Backing for Gun Background Check Fixes

  1. Background checks improvement is fine. But, what about the whole problem with the “Gun Free Zone”? The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is to have a good guy with a gun. Then what will we do about the rogue one that brings in a pressure cooker bomb? Or, decides to kill using Knives or Hammers? The problem ladies and gentlemen is the Gun Free zones. Do background checks on teachers and put a sidearm on each. No punk will come in knowing they will get shot.

    • That is just not true. The presence of a gun leads to more violence – that is what all the studies say. The problem is too much anger out of control, too easy to buy killing machines that keep the shooter safe (safer than with a knife),, to easy to feel OK using a gun whenever you want. Punk do come in – the school in Florida had 3 on duty deputies. I’m sorry, it’s just the truth.

      • “..the school in Florida had 3 on duty deputies. I’m sorry, it’s just the truth.” – Tim Mueller

        You are a bold face liar. I’m a local.

        There is only ONE S.R.O. (School Resource Officer) at Douglas, Officer Scott Peterson, the ONLY officer on duty, and guess where he was at the time of the shooting? No where to be found.


        He is notorious among the staff.

        To Jeff’s point above.. maybe he could’ve used the help of a few more good guys with guns.

        I’m not talking about arming teachers, which is a horrible idea, but how about some professional security? We’re more than capable of designing infrastructures that guard our prisoners, finances, assets, and legal proceedings.. how about we harden the institutions that house our future generations?

        It’s easy.. Big Building, Single Entrance, Reception Area, Metal Detectors, 3+ Armed Guards. Done.

        They don’t have to open carry like you’re going through the airport in Sudan. The secret service has been tucking some serious firepower under their jackets for years to present an acceptable family friendly image when escorting a vip. I’m sure any professional security team is just as capable.

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