7 thoughts on “Do Orders of Protection Actually Shield Domestic Violence Victims?

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  2. 80% of protective orders aren’t sought for protection. These are rather used as a tactic by women in dovorce and custody litigation to WIN Money. Somehow our researcher fails to mention that 80% of the wmen lured into family courts to obtain protective orders aren’t victims of anything, they are rather narcissistic abusers f their families, their children and their husbands, abusing the legal instrument of orders of protection, playing victim at family courts to WIN money from ther spouses. SILVER BULLET. Enough Is Enough!!!

  3. Right and my daughter has one then the judge at a custody hearing altered it to include events and sports they could be in the same place but away from each other. So each time they were in the same room he got closer and closer with the look of you can’t do anything about it. Then it happened he chest butted her and screamed at her with his finger in her chest at a game with lots of people around and the child crying as he grabbed her arm. Sheriff called it unfounded believed the violator and his girlfriend. What’s next????😪

  4. Keilitz agrees that getting a civil or criminal protective order can be empowering for the victim, increasing their agency. “A protection order is a really important way that a survivor can try to take matters into his or her own hands and direct the kind of relief that they would like to have,” she explains. Thus, such orders shouldn’t be forced on a survivor—they should be voluntary, she believes.

    Dis-empowering for the victim, decreasing their agency, eliminating their responsibility and accountability for their own decisions past, present, and future. -Fixed

    On the other hand this industry of Domestic Violence is entirely disempowering to the accused, eliminating every aspect of agency they have, including violating their constitutionally protected fundamental “human right” to self-defense. Whom protects the accused from the well intentioned tyrants of the world? No one, that’s who. Because it sounds bad to attack a dehumanizing industry that hides behind “for the women” and “for the children”.

    Stop getting involved with shitty people, vet them out, and be prepared to have been wrong with the capacity to defend yourself, as is your responsibility to do so. Those pieces of paper will stop no criminal, and de-facto criminalize the true victim, the accused. Civil restraining orders are an affront to justice.

  5. Protection orders can in most cases make things worse. It all depends on whether the police would follow their end of the bargain if [the order is] violated. You have to think very hard before filing because every abuser is different and this could trigger some—especially high ranking people in society or ones who want to keep their record clean—to snap to a point of no return. Many outsiders don’t understand that to many victims this is just a piece of paper and majority of the abusers will violate no matter what. Many believe this gives the cops more to work from, but it all depends on your local police. Do your research before jumping into this, listen to your gut because you know your ex better than anyone else. Criminal charges are more effective than a piece of paper. [this comment has been condensed for space and clarity]

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