Dems Criticize Trump Report on Terrorists

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The Trump administration conceded that its terrorism report issued Tuesday aimed at bolstering its push for stricter limits on legal immigration to the U.S. is incomplete and needs more details to paint the full picture of the threats posed by foreign-born terrorists, USA Today reports. The report from the departments of Justice and Homeland Security said that of 549 terrorism-related convictions in federal courts since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, 402 of the defendants (73 percent) were foreign-born. President Trump tweeted that the findings prove the U.S. must reduce “chain migration” — the long-standing ability of U.S. citizens and green card holders to sponsor their relatives abroad to enter the U.S. — and the diversity visa lottery.

The report does not show how many of the convicted people entered the country through “chain migration” or the diversity visa lottery. The report does not show what countries the convicted people came from. It does not show whether the convictions were based on attacks designed to hit inside the U.S. or in other countries. Instead, the report highlighted eight cases of foreign-born immigrants convicted of terrorism charges. Reps. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) and Bennie Thompson (D-MS) said the report disregards the fact that homegrown extremists have killed more Americans than foreign-born ones since 9/11. “This misleading report relies on manufactured data to perpetuate a myth that immigrants — specifically, those from Muslim countries — are dangerous elements within our country,” they said. The report also claims that there are between 23 and 27 “honor killings” in the U.S. each year without providing any evidence for that estimate or examples of that practice. Honor killings are committed against family members based on their failure to adhere to religious beliefs.

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