7 thoughts on “What Rape Reform Needs: More Convictions, Less Punishment

  1. If you consider an increase in the number of convictions at trials already lacking sufficient evidence ‘reform’, then you are in the wrong line of work, and in no way should claim to be any sort of a legal professional.

    No evidence = no crime.

    A verbal accusation is not evidence of a crime – neither is crying at trial, your ‘besties’ testifying as to circumstances, or the fact that you tore your own shirt because you can’t get an athlete to date you.

  2. What you had left out is that studies from the 90’s and early 2000s show recidivism rate in the US of registered citizens is only 3%-5%, and the thing is that it’s not the being on the sex offender registry lowering recidivism.

    It’s the fact that a lot of the people who got stuck on the registries for the rest of their lives, constantly attacked and harassed by their government and neighbors, had only made a mistake once in their life. And this costs them their life.

    For registered citizens jail and prison are a concern as there is a high chance of being killed for the conviction by a drug crime convict or a murderer.

    The bigger concern is when getting out of prison or jail as you have an even larger more dangerous group of people on alert, many of which want to attack, ostracize, or murder you for the rest of your life because of the registry.

    Family turns against you, you cannot find work, it’s almost impossible to even find a home or place to stay. With current laws like IML and Megan’s law your movement to visit family or even attempt to have a normal life is taken away.

    Most people will say that “theydeserve it, they’re all baby rapers and pedophiles.” but if you take time to do the research. This is only 3-5% of registered citizens.

    The most dangerous people are still unconvicted and will probably never be convicted because they hold such a position of power than they are untouchable.
    These people can say whatever they want and pass new laws to take the thought that they are against something just to cover their own tracks as shown by the multiple senators and congressman recently making news.

    If you want to reduce rapes and issues around it you must educate people before it happens not punish people for the rest of their lives. There are some who have committed no crime in over 30years but are pariahs because a mistake made as a teenager.

  3. Here is my Harvard Law School radicalized reply. Mirandize the sex act. Carry a card, and have the female sign it. You are about to have sex. You have a right to refuse. You may have a lawyer present during sex. If you cannot afford one, one can be provided for you. Do you understand the rights I have read to you? With these rights in mind, do you wish to get boned by me?
    I go further. Get informed consent. There is an 18 page consent form. Each paragraph should be initialed. Get the consent form signed by both parties before a notary public. Then, there should be a 3 day lawyer review period. The lawyer should review the meaning and potential consequences of every single paragraph. Each party should sign again, that they have gone through the 3 day lawyer review.
    Now, they may proceed. I strongly advise all males to record the entire procedure, to avoid false allegations, 40 years later. In my experience, 100% of feminist allegations are false.

    Another purpose of the recording is for crime fighting. If the bra turns out to be padded, all the feminists should be arrested for rape by deception.

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  6. How about this sentence being said in Sex Ed? If you are in the vicinity of intoxicated males, leave.

    That may cut acquaintance rape in half.

    I once said that on Facebook. I was called a rapist, a pedophile, a serial killer by feminists and their male running dogs that never met me. That is when I concluded that all feminist allegations are false, based on personal experience, since I am none of those criminals.

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