‘Blueprint for Peace’: Milwaukee Plan Targets Violence

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Milwaukee on Friday unveiled its “Blueprint for Peace,” a comprehensive 10-year plan to decrease violence, reports the city’s Journal Sentinel. The plan takes a public health approach, looking at causes of violence and modeling strategies used in other cities. “I think it establishes a clear vision for all of us to work for and a sense of accountability,” said Reggie Moore, director of the city’s Office of Violence Prevention, which led the creation of the plan. The blueprint is organized around six broad goals: stop the shooting; promote healing and restorative justice; support children, youth and families; promote economic opportunity; foster safe and strong neighborhoods; and strengthen the coordination of violence prevention efforts.

The 96-page document offers specific strategies to achieve each goal, as well as data, background and context. One example is Ceasefire, a neighborhood-based program designated for $280,000 in funding in the city’s 2018. The plan will be focused on 10 neighborhoods selected based on high rates of violence over the past three years. Those other metrics, including youth employment, will be tracked to measure effectiveness. The blueprint is intended to serve as a guide for 10 years, with annual evaluations and updates. It will be overseen by a new Milwaukee Violence Prevention Council, which has not yet been created.

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