Mistrial Muddies Prosecutions in Waco Biker Shootout

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The first trial stemming from a bloody biker gunfight at a Waco restaurant that left nine people dead and 20 wounded in 2015 has done little to determine the fate of more than 150 people indicted in the complex and controversial Texas case, says USA Today. A judge on Friday declared a mistrial in the case of Jake Carrizal, president of the Dallas Bandidos motorcycle club, who is charged in connection with the melee. The jury deliberated for 14 hours before telling Judge Matt Johnson it was hopelessly deadlocked. It was not clear if Carrizal will be tried again. All the defendants were charged with engaging in a criminal activity leading to the deaths.

The shootout took place at the local Twin Peaks restaurant, where scores of members of the Cossacks motorcycle club had already gathered when the Bandidos arrived. The two clubs have long been at odds for reasons as seemingly insignificant as the use of a similar image on their identifying patches. Video from the restaurant shows bikers shooting, running and ducking for cover as waitresses scramble for the exits. Seven of the nine people who died were members of the Cossacks, authorities say. Carrizal was the test case. A conviction would have put the other defendants on notice that prison was a real possibility. Acquittal would have put pressure on the prosecutor to start dropping charges. Now, even if Carrizal faces a second trial, other cases likely will come to trial first.

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