Ex-Anchor Frustrated With Gun Violence News Coverage

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Chris Hurst, the former Virginia television news anchor whose girlfriend Alison Parker was shot to death on live television, says he is frustrated with how the media covers gun violence in America by concentrating on mass shootings and not everyday killings. Hurst, who was elected last week to a Virginia legislative seat, tells CNN’s “Reliable Sources” that routine gun violence often involves people of color, older whites who commit suicide, accidental firearms deaths of children, and women killed in cases of intimate partner violence. Such shootings typically don’t draw nearly as much media attention as mass killings.

Wanting to avoid appearing to be a one-issue candidate, Hurst did not run his political campaign based on gun control. “We didn’t talk about it unless I was asked about it,” he says. Hurst says he agrees that the media should not give too much attention to murderers, which some critics equate with glorification. He said his girlfriend’s killer was inspired by the mass killing at Virginia Tech in April 2007. She and a cameraman were shot while doing a live standup in August 2015. Six weeks later, a man who killed eight students and a teacher at Umpqua Community College in Oregon is said to have been inspired by the Virginia TV shooting. “They want to achieve a high score,” Hurst says. “They want the notoriety.”

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